On May the 19th, “The Voice” announced the winner for its 8th season and we couldn’t be happier with results. After the results were made public we came up with a list of five things which you need to know about the winner of the 8th season of “The Voice”. 

During last night’s season finale of “The Voice”, fan favorite Sawyer Fredericks was crowned as the winner of “The Voice” and based on the reaction by people both online and at the event, many people were satisfied with the results. That said here are five things about Fredericks that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Fredericks, who made a hat his signature look during the entire show once revealed that when he was 11-years old, he bought his first hat which coasted him $20, a money which he earned from an open mic night.

2. In addition to having a beautiful voice, which explains why he actually won the whole competition, Fredericks also has gorgeous blue eyes. 

3. He currently leaves with his mom and dad on an 88-acre farm in Upstate New York. He has two brothers who also leave with him together with his parents. He also has no plans of moving to Los Angeles despite the fact that he won. 

4. At 16-years old, Fredericks is very humble and at sometimes he actually doesn’t know how talented he actually is. 

5. Before appearing on “The Voice”, Fredericks recorded his own album and also had a gig which saw him play once a week at his small town’s farmer’s market, this is according to “The Voice’s” website.