With The Big Bang Theory approaching its 10th season as one of America’s most popular television shows, speculation circles around whether the series will continue. The speculation isn’t just that, however, as both members of the cast and producers have stated that this upcoming season could very well be the end point to the show’s incredibly successful run, which started all the way back in 2007. Kunal Nayyar, the actor who portrays Rajesh Koothrappali in the show, stated that “Look, next season, as it stands in our contract, could be the last season of The Big Bang Theory.”

This hinted announcement has left fans crossing their fingers for the show to retain its forward progress as one of television's juggernaut series of today. The idea of the show ending this season has also drummed up the idea of spinoffs, as well as movies, or stage shows as an alternative to the show ending. These speculations, however, have had no formal statement offered by the show’s producers. With many waiting to see if their favorite source of Thursday night comedy pulls through, all we truly know for sure is that the series returns on October 27th. Unless more information reaches the forefront, many will be ready that day hoping that their weekly “Bazingas” aren’t just a thing of the past. Undoubtedly, viewers of many varying levels of commitment to the show will be tuning in to see this potential last season. This leaves the pressure on for the decorated television favorite to continue delivering quality content, as it looks forward to continuing building its legacy of awards, viewership, and one of the strongest fan bases in television today.