As much as they usually tend to be steamy, sex scenes tend to be very hard to shoot. Ask any actor or actress which part they find most difficult to act and most of them will tell you sex scenes. The same also applies to Brooklyn Decker who recently had to shoot a sex scene with Patrick Wilson.

By watching a behind the scenes of the shoot between Decker and Wilson, then you will appreciate the work which is usually put in when it comes to sex scenes.

Contrary to belief a sex scene is not easy just because the people who are involved are good looking. In fact, both Decker, 27, and Wilson, 41, are all good looking but still had some few issues while shooting their sex scenes.

The video begins with Patrick, who is near-naked, on top of Decker, who is also near-naked. The two are very close to each other’s faces and Decker shifts around as Wilson turns around so as to receive directions. Wilson then apologizes to Decker and she goes on to reply that, “No, you’re good. I was just lifting … it.” What followed was a laughter from both the two and a voice from the director signaling the start of the scene.

Luckily the two managed to have a “great fu**ing” if we are to go with what the director said, but they still had to do another take so as to get a perfect clip and then another round of awkwardness begins.