Gerard Depardieu is one of the most popular French actors and for many years media has been buzzing about his relationship with his native country and how he feels about France.
“ I have been through a lot and sometimes I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up “ – said Gerard

Famous French actor decided to open up and talk about different subjects for the magazine “ Vanity Fair “ where he also discussed about some political things, which some people consider as taboo, but politics is something he is familiar with.

He said that he doesn’t believe in anything, and he especially has no faith in himself. He added that sometimes when he is lying in his bed, he wishes to fall asleep and never wake up. He’s been through it all and he is quite sure that not many people can say that.

Gerard feels like he can die, not because he is ill or something like that, but because he lived his life to the fullest and the way he wanted.
Even though his point of view is little bit pessimistic, he still thinks that he has time to fix some things in his life. When he talks about fixing, he means ease the pain, fix himself and people around him and stop being scared.

When he talks about France he doesn’t have positive things to say about it. Gerard doesn’t care about France and its authority.
“ I am willing to die for Russia, because people out there are very strong. And when it comes to France, I don’t feel like French anymore and we don’t share the same values and beliefs. “