The rock band Guns N Roses has been a favorite of millions of fans for over 30 years. A reunion is planned which is perhaps the most anticipated one in decades!

Classic Rock fans finally have something to be thankful for. Most of them have been waiting, praying and dreaming about this epic reunion for decades. Finally, it has been confirmed that the Guns N Roses will be playing at the popular music concert Coachella Music & Arts festival. This will happen in the middle of April, 2016.

Rumors began floating among the fans when the lead guitarist, Slash, confirmed that he and the front man, Axl Rose, had mended their relationship and were friends once again. It remained rumors until the New York Times began mentioning a reunion and the fans realized that something is definitely going to happen.

In the last weeks, there has been much speculation as to who will join the band and when and how it will all come down. But for now, both Slash and Duff have officially confirmed they will be returning to the band. These two left the band back in 1993. As for the other older members of the band, nothing has been confirmed. There had been many new members of Gun N Roses over the years. Even though it won’t be a reunion of the original band, the timing is just perfect for all fans of the rock group!