It’s  interestingly new  to  hear  Paul  Thomas  Anderson  has  stepped  in  to  write  a  new  draft for  the  Robert  Downey  Jr’s  long-in- developments  Pinocchio film.
The  pair  has  also  appeared  to  have  been  wanting  to  cooperate  and  work  together  for  a  while  now,  in fact  Robert Downey  Jr  was fastened to  Anderson’s  inherent  vice but  later  he  had  to  drop  because  of  the scheduling  conflict  with  the  Avengers: Age  Of  Ultron. 

The  Oscar-nominated  writer  and  director of  There  Will  Be  Blood  and  other most  inherited  vice  will  be  taking  on  a  script  that  was  previously  written  by  Michael  Mitnick,  which  is  best known  for  the  last  year’s  as  YA  adaptation  The  giver. 

From  the  Hollywood Writer, they  say  that  Downey has  also  been  counted  in  the  giving of  the  draft  some  tweaks  for  the  studio  Warmer  Bros.
Robert  Downey  Jr  and  his  manufacture colleague /wife  Susan Downey  has  been working  and  trying  to  get this  one  screen  for  some  years, setting  up  the  project  with  the  new  idea  that  the  once  and  future  Tony  Stark  will  be  playing  the  Geppetto,  who  is  the  wood carver  whose puppet  boy  is  granted  the  gift of  life.

This  is  with  the  increasing  number  of  the  upcoming live action adaptations  of  the classic children   stories like  Jungle Book   and  many  other, this  has  lit  fire under  Robert  Downey Jr’s   butt to  get  the  ball  rolling.

And  hence  team  up  with  the warner  Bros  in order  to  bring  this  live  action  Pinocchio  to  life as  Downey  playing  the  part  of  Geppetto.  
Downey  and  Anderson  has  been  good  friends  for  long,  and  their  work  together  might  be  fruitful  despite  of  the  Downey  dispute  with  the  Avengers.