Beyoncé and Jay Z haven't been seen together often lately and it could be simply due to their busy routines. A new report states that songs’ power couple's partnership isn't really doing so well, even though expectant with child number 2. Beyoncé and also Jay Z's separation, a latest report asserts that the couple is preparing to have a 2nd baby. The couple was photographed during their European vacation with their little girl, Blue Ivy aboard a $900,000-a-week yacht. Now their antagonism towards each other is obvious to onlookers and poor Blue Ivy Carter is caught in the center of all of it! Beyoncé and Jay Z are stuck in a "sham marital relationship" that doesn’t seem destined to continue. One fashion magazine exposed they were just recently ready to separate, but chose to call it off after the media got wind of it. According to Beyoncé, Jay Z’s character is the reason behind the million dollar separation. Throughout an explosive fight, "Jay snapped. He screamed, 'You're not in charge of me!'” Her reaction was to toss a cell-phone across the room, missing him but striking a painting instead." Their relationship has actually been plagued with unfaithful rumors. Jay Z has presumably maintained a single kind way of lifestyle throughout their partnership. According to the report, Beyoncé demanded to see Jay Z's phone just recently and he would not allow her to see it, which caused another blow-up.