Water taps all over Flint, Michigan have been disgorging contaminated water for months while the authorities have been denying the problem. Recently the State Attorney General, Bill Schuette, stated that Flint water is so contaminated with lead that he issued a warning all the citizens to not drink the water nor bathe children in it. Mr. Schuette has launched an independent enquiry into the crisis. The problem started in 2014 when, due to lack of funds, Flint started to use water from the Flint River instead of the Detroit water system. Apparently, lead from the city’s pipes began leaching into the water going directly into homes

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has caught the attention of many famous celebrities. AQUAHYDRATE, a California-based bottled-water company owned by Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs has donated millions of bottles of water to help the city’s residents. Tom Gores, another famous celebrity, announced that he will start a private campaign on his own to raise funds for the welfare of Flint. His mission is to raise funds of at least $10 million to help Flint citizens. The “Rapper” and “Aretha Franklin” announced a game to collect finances to donate to the Flint cause. There are some personal connections behind the launching of Game. The Rapper’s younger sister and her two children live in that city. He donated $5, 000,000 of his own money. The “Robin Hood Project” was started to supply water bottles to the city. Furthermore, other public figures and celebrities, such as Jimmy Fallon and Madonna announced they were contributing $1 million of bottled water.