If you watched “19 kids and counting,” you probably know Josh Duggar as a charismatic television personality. Loved by millions of people, his career exploded early this year when scandalous facts from his childhood became public.

The friendly ex-car salesman apparently molested at least five girls, four of them being his sisters. Even if the police report was destroyed as soon as this came up in the magazines, the bomb was already out there. After that, unknown parts of his life started to hit the limelight.

A devout Christian, Jeff has four children with his wife Anna. Sounds lovely, no? Not when you find out that he was also cheating on his wife with unknown women. The public was shocked and the producers of “19 kids and counting” decided to cancel the show to avoid any association with his behavior.

Luckily for him, his parents support him entirely and they want to help him correct his mistakes. This is why they encouraged him to check himself into a long term treatment facility, hoping that it will help him overcome his problems.

In a press statement, they thanked fans for all of the encouragement that they received, and they apologized for the actions of their son. Also, they stated that his wife and his children will also receive moral support in order to leave behind this messy situation. Their faith in God is still strong, and they still follow the Christian values that brought them together.

As much as we sympathize with his family, we can’t help but ask ourselves: can this treatment correct his mistakes? Is Josh still able to face his fans and family? I guess the only thing we can do is to sit tight and hope for the best.