Below Deck’s chief stewardess received some-not-too flattering media attention when her partner reported an instance of domestic abuse. She was arrested on Monday after the fight with her girlfriend in Melbourne Beach. The news came as a bit of the shocker as the reality star was reported stating earlier that her girlfriend was smart, athletic, intelligent, and amazing. While her co-workers say that Chastain is open and a fun -loving person, the report filed by her partner is a stark contrast.

Rocio Hernandez, in her affidavit, claims that Chastain returned from the bar intoxicated and bit her forearm and held her down while she tried to strangle her. She tried to throw Hernandez out of the house and threatened to change the locks and when she refused to leave the house, Chastain assaulted her. Rocio Hernandez claims that Chastain had assaulted her numerous times earlier but she was afraid to report it due to her success and growing popularity. Chastain admitted that she had gotten into a physical fight and was released the next day after posting a bond of five thousand dollars in court. After her release, she went on social media thanking her followers for the support and stated that the truth would come out and she looks forward to gaining peace in her life.

Earlier this year, Chastain’s colleagues on “Below Deck” gave glowing words of appreciation about Rocio. While some of her old friends do seem surprised about her change in sexuality, they approved of her girlfriend. Rocio is a former professional soccer player from Madrid, Spain.

Looks like the happy and talented couple might be in some troubled waters.