Khloe Kardashian’s Weight struggle has been real for many years. She was once too chubby and healthy but soon realized that she needs to get back into shape. If you have followed her on Instagram, you can see that she clearly went from flab to flab. While Kim and Khloe seem to be embracing a complete OTT curvaceous figure, let’s check out the weight loss secret of 31 year old. 

She does not believes in following any kind of diet. Khloe had admitted that she brought in lifestyle changes that included routinely workout, eating healthy and taking it slow. The reality star also confessed that she had to give up her love for drinking soda. In fact, we all know how bad the soda drinks are because they tend to induce weight gain. So, she replaced drinking a soda with infused water, ice tea or plain water. According to her, it was the small steps that mattered all the way and that’s how she made a complete lifestyle change. 

Another significant activity that helped her to lose weight, get in shape and get fit was hitting gym every day. There aren’t any particular weight loss secrets for Khloe’s transformation, she just worked hard and is proud of her healthy lifestyle.