Everyone who is a fan of “Keeping Up With Kardashian” and watches it almost on a day to day basis would tell you that Scott Disick, 32, usually has a problem. Is that problem alcohol? Well, that would not be farfetched. Throughout the show Scott usually tend to behave in a very not so god manner once he gets drunk . According to his friends, Scott’s behavior after consuming alcohol is becoming way too much and they have decided to stage an intervention so as to help the troubled star. 

Since Kourtney Kardashian, 36, decide to end her relationship with Scott following cheating allegations, Scott is said to have been on a downward spiral. He constantly drinks and might even spend the whole day drinking due to Kourtney and now his friends are worried that things are not getting better with him, in fact things are turning for the worst. 

According to several sources and report, Scott’s friend have taken note of Scott’s behavior and they have decided that it is important they organize an intervention and see whether they would be able to help their friend who is quickly stumbling to new lows. Here is what one of the sources revealed, “Scott’s close friends are very concerned with his behavior and they are planning on tracking him down so as to have an intervention.”

The source went on to add that, “Scott’s friend do hope that he will agree to go back to rehab. They were to meet with each other in Florida but things changed after Scott said he was in Vegas. At the moment he is on his own partying all day long and night and they are really worried abut his wellbeing and safety.”