After the explosive success Dakota Johnson had with the first of the “50 Shades of Grey” franchise, she has three more roles coming up! It would be exciting to watch her share the screen again with Jamie Dornan.

The movie has been a great career move for both the actors as the roles for Christian and Anastasia will remain one for the most popular ones for years to come!

Both the actors performed so well that many new opportunities have come flocking their way after the “50 Shades” release.

The famous actress, Dakota will be seen in three more projects this year, playing the lead role and sizzling the screen as she goes!

  • Chloe and Theo: This film is conscious of the environment and Dakota plays the lead where the actor is homeless in New York City. She meets Theo, who is determined to let the world know how the climate change affects everyone.
  • A Bigger Splash: This movie is based on a vintage French movie known as La Piscine. Fans of Dakota will be delighted to watch her on screen in the many erotic scenes this movie has planned for the lead pair. Dakota plays a young girl who is trapped within a love triangle.
  • Black Mass: This is an exciting movie for all the Johnny Depp fans too - He plays the lead role of that of an Irish gangster mob boss. Dakota plays his girlfriend who is also a mother of his young son, who is just 6 years old. By the way, for all you Depp fans, he isn't looking any pretty in this instalment. In fact, if you happen to see any of the pictures of him dressed in character, you will be repulsed for sure. As for Dakota, she is her petite, pretty self as usual.