If you’ve watched ‘Charmed’ or ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, you’ve likely seen the multi-talented Shannen Doherty’s work on screen. This certainly isn’t the only thing the celebrity has worked on, however. Doherty has had parts in an incredible number of films and shows, including  the original ‘21 Jump Street’, ‘Magnum P.I.’, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and even a performance as a competitor for ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Throughout her career, Doherty acts, writes, directs, and produces, and showcasing a broad scope of her talents.

Doherty now fights one of the most intense battles possible in her life: the fight against breast cancer. Doherty was diagnosed in early 2015, and has powerfully continued the fight well into 2016. Doherty has now shaved her head in a continued effort to fight against the disease, and remains positive and active throughout her battle.

Doherty’s fight is one that many face, and being a famous actress does not exempt her. Doherty fights not only with the support of many close to her, but with many thousands of fans supporting her and cheering her along the way. Doherty stands as an inspiration to many, and an unfortunate reminder that this fight is happening all the time for too many in the world.