Meryl Streep is one of the most stylish and classy actresses of all time, and her home looks as classy as she is. That is why when she announced that she is selling her home in Hollywood; many people were tempted to make an offer.

Meryl has not lived in the house for long time as she bought it in February 2013 from Xorin Balbes who remodeled and redesigned the house. Since it was built in 1954, the house really needed some improvements. We can only imagine what a great job the architects did if Meryl decided to buy it for $4.5 million. Now that’s an investment!

Unfortunately, a few years later she decided that the house is no longer the place she wants to call home, and decided to sell it to someone who would really enjoy the gorgeous architecture.

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez, the MLB super star, is the new owner of the house, and he paid nothing less than $4.8 million. Since the house has 3,700 square feet of space, we can understand the high price.

A beautiful garden, wooden floors, furnished with luxurious furniture, outside fireplace and great outdoor pools are only some of the amenities that A-Rod will enjoy. He may decide to redecorate the house to fit his tastes. Either way, it remains a great piece of architecture and any owner of the house would be proud to call it home.