Oscar Pistorius, a famous athlete ended his career in 2013 when he killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Apparently, he thought that his girlfriend was an intruder and he shot her as she hid behind a closed door. In the first trial he pleaded not guilty, and the judge gave him a light sentence.

He spent less than one year in prison and he was released with correctional supervision; he was not in jail, but still unable to have a normal life. However, in the next trial granted because of an appeal, the judge decided that the previous judge did not apply the law properly. According to Pistorius’ lawyers, he did not know who was behind the door and he was just protecting himself. Later, that claim was debated. If he had intended to kill whoever was behind the door, he would deserve the punishment for murder, no matter if he knew that his girlfriend was there or a stranger.

Pistorius’ statement changed during the second trial. He was unable to explain why he fired so many shots. Mistake or not, the Judge changed the charge to murder and now Pistorius will have to spend at least 15 years in prison.

The case was so highly publicized in the media that the lawyers and the judge had to make sure that every detail was absolutely legally correct, leaving no room for more appeals. The parents of the victim said that now they can sleep at night in peace, knowing that the guilty person is behind bars.