Zsa Zsa Gabor is one of the most famous and recognized celebrity who has won the heart of fans across the globe. People also know her because of her unique personality and gift for laughter. Her father was a soldier, but she had her interest in acting.

Zsa Zsa was born on February 6, 1917 in Budapest, Hungary. She has an older sister, Magda and a younger sister, Eva, who became an actress and a very successful businesswoman. Zsa Zsa was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936 and emigrated to America in 1941. She starred in many movies during the 1950’s and won acclaim for her role in Moulin Rouge directed by John Houston. She has been married nine times.

Her only daughter, Francesca Hilton, died on January 6, 2016 at the age of 67 due to a sudden heart attack. Francesca has been in a battle with her mother’s ninth husband, Frederic von Athol over Zsa Zsa’s finances and had petitioned the court to be allowed to visit her ailing mother. Von Anholt has not told his wife of her daughter’s death due to her fragile state. Zsa Zsa has suffered in the last decade from a car accident, multiple strokes, and surgeries. In 2011, she lost her right leg to amputation. This February, 2016, she was hospitalized for breathing difficulties and a severe lung infection. She just passed her 99th birthday.