Even you are fit and fine and is not finding a reason to do workout on daily basis then this is a article you must read which will motivate you to do exercise on daily basis. Here are the best reasons:
1.    It strengthens your heart muscles.
2.    It reduces the risk of health disorder related to heart, as it increases the amount of good HDL cholesterol and reduces the level of bad LDL cholesterol level.
3.    It reduces the risk of heart attack.
4.    It helps in improving the circulation of energy and oxygen in the entire body.
5.    It helps in maintaining your weight and keeping away the unnecessary fat.
6.    It also improves the efficiency of breathing.
7.    It improves appearance and also strengthens your muscles by toning them.
8.    It prevents back pain or back related problem by improving your posture.
9.    As it strengthens your bones, hence the chances of osteoporosis.
10.    Helps in strengthen the tissues around joints that remove the joint discomfort or arthritis, when you select the proper exercise and do it properly.
11.    It also reduces the risk of various types of cancer.
12.    Exercise also helps in improving the immune function that decreases the risk related to infectious diseases.
13.    Helps in maintaining the mental and physical functions.
14.    Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.
15.    Helps in fighting insomnia and improves sleep.
16.    It helps in boosting your energy level and hence increases productivity.
17.    It reduces depression and anxiety.
18.    Helps in fighting stress and reduces it to some extent.
19.    Boosts cognitive function.
20.    Helps in keeping a positive approach towards life.