The tabloids never stop and the rumour mill continues to run spinning stories. Regardless, you can be sure that George Clooney and wife Amal will be together for a long time.

In a very recent interview, George talked about the secret that keeps his two-year marriage to 38 year-old Amal, alive and exciting. The secret is not being apart for long periods! When they have to be apart for whatever reason, they never fail to use technology to be in touch- yes, they FaceTime! The 54-year old actor says he does the best he can when it comes to maintaining his relationship with his wife. He says that they spend so much time together that there isn't much time they spend between hugs.

Both keep very busy, he being an actor and she has her own professional life as a Human Rights lawyer. 

It’s been a two-year long marriage and, in Hollywood, that is considered very long indeed. There have been rumours about the couple expecting right after their wedding! It all started with Amal’s dad saying ‘it is time for grandchildren’. George has actually rubbished the rumour in every interview. He even jokes about it!

George is very proud of Amal’s line of work and promotes her too.

Although George’s parents are yet to get any grandchildren, George helped them adopt a rescue dog very recently. His mother was so touched by the gesture that she cried when she opened her doors to little furry Nate!