After previously being accused of molesting young girls and publicly apologizing for his actions on Facebook, Josh Duggar is back in the spotlight - and not for good news.

The 19 Kids and Counting reality star is rumored to have been an active and paying member of the popular cheating/dating website Ashley Madison. The controversial news broke out as a result of a breach and massive release of data from the dating site, leaving Duggar in the spotlight… again.

Why was he on a site that focuses on presenting users with the opportunity to cheat on their spouse? Could it be a deal he was working so hard to cherish while showcasing innocent behavior around his “family”? We have yet to find out the truth, but, either way one may look at it, he will have a difficult time finding his way out of this mess.

Many wonder if the details being released are authentic. To prove the accuracy of the information, the credit card number on the proposed “Duggar Account” was linked to an owner by the name of Joshua J. Duggar, coupled with the exact billing address of his grandmother’s home - one of the homes showcased on the reality TV show. It is reported that his paid account saw him allocating approximately $986.76 for two different monthly Ashley Madison subscriptions, between the periods of February 2013 and May 2015. Critics are calling his profile picture a generic, place-holder image, as the photo attached to the account doesn’t personally belong to him.

Social media has turned into a frantic buzz over the findings of this controversial story and seemingly, based on past experiences and accusations lying over his head, people are really not too surprised by the news.