If you want to look extraordinary, you need an extraordinary hairstyle. The best examples we can see among celebrities. They wear what they want when they want. But, you can do the same. All you need is an idea for an extraordinary hairstyle. Here are a few examples.
Alexandra Daddario and her ‘’retro babe’’ hairstyle looks amazing. If you want to try it, you will have to follow the 4 steps.
1.    Apply flexible-hold hairspray on your dry hair.
2.    Create a side part. It must be diagonal. Use a large barrel curling iron and make a loosely curl. It must be in a vertical manner.
3.    Sweep your fridge to the one side and twist them. Now, secure them in that position. Left section should be tucked behind the ear. If you need, you can secure it with a bobby pin.
4.    Apply a light hold hairspray and you are done.
The recommended product is Kevin Murphy BODY.GUARD leave-in crème. It will protect and smooth your hair with extra shine. This hairstyle looks best on women with heart, oval and round shaped faces.
Bella Thorne also has an interesting hairstyle.
1.    Prepare your hair with a volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair using a paddle brush.
2.    Make a slight off center part. You can use a straightening iron to make soft waves.
3.    Use your fingers to define piecey layers and rough up the texture.
4.    Apply a light holding hairspray and you are done.
The recommended product is Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY. This hairstyle will look amazing on women with oval, heart or round shaped faces. However, it looks best on women with medium hair.